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Eamonn Holmes reflects on relationship with mum after Queen’s death ‘Think of our parents’

EAMONN HOLMES revealed how the death of Queen Elizabeth II led him to reflect on his relationship with his mother.

Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster spoke with GB News viewer Charlie Brown on Monday about his memories of the Queen. Host Eamonn told the former member of the Royal Air Force the Queen’s death had led him to think of his own 93-year-old mother.

“Personally, I think Charlie, we all tend to think of our own parents,” Eamonn commented.

“I was with my mother at the weekend, she’s 93 years of age.

“Does the Queen make you think of your own mother, your grandmother?”

Charlie replied: “Certainly, my parents were significantly older than a lot of people my age.”

“No matter how much you prepare for the death of a parent or how much you think you’re prepared it’s still comes as a shock.

“I think with the Queen this is how it’s hit me and a lot of the nation, we’ve all known [that she’s been unwell] but it’s still a shock.”

The GB News viewer went on to open up on an occasion where he spotted the Queen smiling.

He said: “Back in 1981 when I was a very young mechanic at RAF Finningley which is now Doncaster International Airport.

“I was on standby duty and was called in on a Friday morning to be told I was on VIP duty that afternoon.

“What was happening was Her Majesty was coming from Worksop in a car to RAF Finningley and there five or six of us had been detailed to meet the cavalcade of cars and open the car doors.

“Now I was the most junior and certainly the most baby-faced member there at just 18-years-old.

“I got detailed that as the entourage approached us that I would salute and the other five guys would take their timing from me.”