Watch: Tommy Wiseau’s Audition for The Joker is Scary as Hell


Tommy Wiseau, known for crafting and starring in one of the worst films of all time, wants to play The Joker.

It likely won’t happen… will it? Hey, it’s a weird world we live in. Either way, the star / writer / director / producer of The Room and the subject of James Franco’s recent The Disaster Artist hasn’t been shy about his desire to play the DC clown prince in the planned Joker film from director Todd Philips (The Hangover, War Dogs). Joaquin Phoenix is rumoured to be circling the role, even though he claims to not have any knowledge about the project.

While Wiseau has said that he likely has “too much emotion” to play the villain, he’s still keen and confident that he could pull it off if given the opportunity. “Definitely, I could play Joker. I think I could do a good job,” Wiseau told “I mean, I’m into it, very much so. So we see if Hollywood gives me a chance, and they’re respectful.”

Is he serious? Honestly, who knows, but it sure seems as though he is. Which brings us to this Joker audition tape Wiseau has crafted for Nerdist. “Let me introduce you to the new Joker!” Wiseau says in the video below, before giving us his take on The Joker. It’s… pretty damn creepy, so I suppose in that sense you could say that Wiseau nails it. Kind of. And of course Wiseau’s The Room co-star Greg Sestero turns up as the Dark Knight himself. “Oh, hi Bruce!”

Sweet dreams.