New Teaser Trailer for HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’

A new teaser trailer has been released for The Leftovers, an upcoming series from HBO. Adapted from a novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta, the series follows what happens after 2% of the world’s population suddenly disappears. The focus is on those left behind. This new teaser focuses on the five stages of grief, while teasing some of the show’s emotional scenes. The show looks impressive and decidedly grim and serious, with an intriguing premise that should allow for plenty of questions. Hopefully the show’s answers will satisfy. From writer Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z).

Starring Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler, Christopher Eccleston, Amy Brenneman, Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd, and Chris Zylka.

Official synopsis for The Leftovers:

When 2% of the world’s population abruptly disappears without explanation, the world struggles to understand just what they’re supposed to do about it. The new drama series The Leftovers is the story of the people who didn’t make the cut. Based on the bestselling novel by Tom Perrotta, The Leftovers follows Kevin Garvey, a father of two and the chief of police in a small New York suburb, as he tries to maintain some semblance of normalcy when the notion no longer applies. The series is executive produced by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, together with Perrotta and Friday Night Lights executive producers Peter Berg and Sarah Aubrey. Lindelof serves as the series show runner.


The Leftovers premieres on HBO on June 29.