‘Dirty Money’ Trailer: Shocking Business Highlighted in Netflix Doc Series

Image credit: Netflix

” Do you think you’re a moral person?”

“… I’m a business person.”

Take a look at the trailer for Dirty Money, Netflix‘s upcoming six-part documentary series that places a spotlight on some very troubling stories of scandal and corruption in the world of business. It’s certainly no shock to learn that the rich are screwing over the poor, but knowledge is power, and when the 1% and their gigantic corporations are doing what they can to get every buck at the expense of every class under them… well, we need to know everything we can if there’s even a chance something could change.

Behind the series is Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney, whose credits include Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Taxi to the Dark Side, Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief.

Gibney directs the episode Hard Nox, targeting VW’s corporate deceit; Jesse Moss directs Payday, targeting cutthroat, dodgy-as-hell payday lenders; Erin Lee Carr directs Drug Short, targeting the immoral practices of pharmaceutical company Big Pharma; Kristi Jacobson directs Cartel Bank, highlighting how HSBC bank laundered millions for Mexican drug cartels; Brian McGinn directs The Maple Syrup Heist, looking at why $US20 million of jaw-dropping valuable maple syrup really went missing in Canada; and Fisher Stevens directs The Confidence Man, which puts the focus on Donald Trump and TRUMP Inc.’s journey of failures, and how the branding machine helped him get to office.

It will probably be the type of viewing that you’ll need a stress ball to sit through and a punching bag to let off steam afterwards. Watch out for all six episodes of Dirty Money to hit Netflix on January 26.

Synopsis for Dirty Money:

Dirty Money is a thrilling investigative series from Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney, which provides an up-close and personal view into untold stories of scandal and corruption in the world of business. Using first-hand accounts from perpetrators and their victims, combined with rarely-seen video footage, this addictive series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Image credit: Netflix
Image credit: Netflix