‘A Quiet Place’ Could Have Been a ‘Cloverfield’ Movie

Image credit: Jonny Cournoyer / Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place has enjoyed a tonne of pre-release buzz and has opened to critical love and an impressive box office, but would it been as successful if was attached to another franchise?

Paramount Pictures has structured their Cloverfield franchise in an interesting way, molding the two sequels from pitches and projects that, initially, weren’t connected to the universe. 10 Cloverfield Lane was deemed a box office and critical hit, while this year’s The Cloverfield Paradox was released to Netflix with a mixed to negative reception. A Quiet Place, as it turns out, could have been the fourth Cloverfield film.

In an interview with SlashFilm, screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who came up with the concept for the film a decade ago and ended up writing this version with actor-director John Krasinski, have talked about how they had considered tying it to the Cloverfield universe. Paramount had shown interest in the idea as well.

“That was one of those things that, I guess it crossed our mind and we had spoken to our representatives about that possibility,” Beck confirmed.

“It was weird timing, though, because when we were writing the script, 10 Cloverfield Lane was at Paramount. We were actually talking to an executive there about this film, and it felt from pitch form that there might be crossover, but when we finally took the final script in to Paramount, they saw it as a totally different movie. What was really incredible about the process that we feel very grateful for is the studio embraced this weird movie with no dialogue with open arms. They never thought about branding it as a Cloverfield film, I think in part because conceptually it was able to stand on its own.”

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It’s understandable why connecting the project an established IP would have enticed Beck and Woods; if you’ve been trying to get studios to jump on your pitch for quite a while with no success, there’s always the chance bending it to become a franchise-expanding chapter could do the trick. But as Woods points out, as great as franchises are, there’s nothing like developing something original – that hopefully becomes a hit, of course.

“And our biggest fear was – we love Bad Robot, we love the people over there, and obviously J.J. [Abrams] is certainly a hero to us – but one of our biggest fears was this getting swept up into some kind of franchise or repurposed for something like that,” said Woods.

“The reason I say ‘biggest fear’ – we love the Cloverfield movies. They’re excellent. It’s just that as filmgoers, we crave new and original ideas. And we feel like so much of what’s out there is IP. It’s comic books, it’s remakes, it’s sequels. We show up to all of them, we enjoy those movies too, but our dream was always to drop something different into the marketplace, so we feel grateful that Paramount embraced the movie as its own thing.”

So far, it appears Paramount made the right choice in bringing A Quiet Place to the screen as its own film. After all, there’s always the chance this film spawns a sequel or two for the studio.

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Image credit: Jonny Cournoyer / Paramount Pictures
Image credit: Jonny Cournoyer / Paramount Pictures